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Welcome to SafeRoute Products!

SafeRoute Products, LLC is a Florida based provider of ADA Detectable Warning Tiles. All ADA Products distributed by SafeRoute either meet or exceed ADA compliance requirements and are FDOT approved. SafeRoute’s Truncated Dome Systems are designed to aid the visually impaired pedestrian by providing a physical warning of vehicle and traffic hazard areas. The variety of tile colors offer an esthetically appealing contrast to the surrounding sidewalk and curb.


The SafeRoute Advantage

Universal | Surface Mount | Wet Set

Durable | Flexible | Color Throughout

Lightweight | East to Install | ADAAG Compliant

Years of Maintenance-Free Service | Stainless Steel Hardware

Our Tile is uniquely designed and engineered to be lightweight, flexible yet durable, and universal in its application. One Tile can be installed as a “Surface Mount” (Retrofit) or “Cast in Place” (Wet Set), simply by choosing the correct hardware. You are never caught with excess inventory of one product and out of another. If you had only one SafeRoute Tile in inventory, no matter which type your customer requested, you would have the correct product.

Our tactile product is a fiberglass reinforced composite which is a rugged and flexible thermoplastic polymer, ideal for the construction of SafeRoute’s very unique High Quality Detectable Warning Tile.


5-Year Warranty

SafeRoute Products, LLC warrants to the buyer that its products have a manufacturer’s limited 5-year material and workmanship warranty. The warranty applies to replacement of product only; installation, removal and replacement costs are excluded.

Color Tiles Available